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WE are a group of over 8,000 women physicians who share what we know so that we can
grow in business and in life
"If you want to go fast, go alone,
if you want to go far, go together"

Our Journal Planner For Entrepreneurs

Want to learn how to work fewer hours in your business while getting more done and making a bigger impact?
Want to know how to turn your zillion and one ideas into a concise plan of action so you no longer feel overwhelmed?
The good news is…
I have put together a journal planner to help you scale faster while working less.

Our 6 week journal planner will help you develop a daily plan to balance your priorities and help you achieve your goals.

  • Set intentions that will ultimately reshape your business and bring balance to your personal life too!
  • Start your day with affirmations, gratitude and reflecting on self development.
  • Use our journal prompts to take a deep dive into what you really want.
  • Track what you are doing to help with start and end time with productivity, discipline, and focus.
  • Use our weekly and daily planner with reassessment so that you can see what is working and
    what isn't.
  • Affordable for everyone-Less than $10 for paperback.

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 I created the Female Physician Entrepreneurs Group for women physicians so that they  would have a supportive place to come and learn about business. We network, learn, grow and empower.
From tech,  healthcare, writing a book, coaching and consulting, we have you covered

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